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A stable partner – now and in the future !

In recent years, at Jamas, we have proven that we are a competent company that can deliver quality products in construction machinery and spare parts.

Our main product, however, is the service we provide where we never compromise. The customer is at the center and it is all the way around in our organization. This means that a machine runs anywhere in Denmark, ensuring that you can continue on short notice – either on your own machine or on one of our lenders. The customer’s business is important and a machine must not stop. Therefore, we always go an extra mile for the customer – at all times of the day. Jamas A / S is a stable partner. We are to trust and we are growing.

Together we stand strongest

Our team consists of 15 dedicated employees divided into two departments. We are loathing and aware that strong cooperation helps create our success. Our know-how is based on years of industry experience and in-depth product knowledge. Vore installers are strategically located throughout Denmark and can soon come out.

We have day care so you can get the necessary help at all times of the day so your business can not stand.

MIS Recycling A/S

18/09-2017|Comments Off on MIS Recycling A/S

After all, we know Jamas very well - They are some good guys that are to be counted on. MIS Recycling crushes concrete, asphalt, wood and plastic, etc. Therefore, they need good, stable machines and, not [...]

New machines from Doosan

Used construction equipment for sale

JAMAS always has a number of used machines for sale. We update our list continuously so keep an eye on used machines for sale on this site. The list can also include both used and new tools, as well as brand new machines in stock.

In other words, you will find the best deals on construction machinery, tools and commercial vehicles right here.

Contact us on phone +45 70 13 80 13, or email us on info@jamas-doosan.dk or fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.