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With Jamas as your partner you are well helped – both day and night.


In addition to the stable sales of construction machinery and spare parts, our great success builds on our high level of service. The customer has high expectations and demands service levels that we always strive for.

We are there for the customer – all day long, all the days of the year. Our key employee is available so the customer can always get help. Therefore, we have also deliberately placed our fitter strategically around Denmark so that they can come out with quite short notice.

The customer participates in the whole process

From the initial sales phase to preparation, ongoing servicing and maintenance, we involve the customer in the process. We meet the customer at eye level and listen to the needs of the individual. Every machine and customer is unique – we know. Therefore, we treat each individual customer uniquely. Our customers can contact us and get advice and guidance at any time.

We service all machines and all brands

In addition to servicing Doosan construction machinery, we serve all brands, large and small machines. Service, repair and annual inspection of lorry cranes and mobile cranes and harbor cranes – yes, even ship cranes belong to our daily workplace. In principle, we can repair any kind of machinery – and we would like to do that.

Our staff will provide the necessary courses so that they are constantly updated on knowledge from the producers.


We carry out all kinds of welding and forging tasks, as well as renovation of shovels and other equipment

We only have the best products in stock

Spare parts

With more than 15,000 item numbers on our well-stocked stock, we can service the customer in a short period of time. Should it happen that your product is out of stock, we can get it by day.

We have a wide range of products and service professionals as well as private. Our team of staff complements the obstacle, and one does not adhere to the other or the third. In principle, there is no task we can not solve or a product we can not obtain.